Boonevilles To Morro Bay by Jack Jensen

Grumbler's note: It was during the 70s when Jack and I happened
to own a pair of identical 1973 Triumph 750 Bonnevilles. Mine was
bought in Salinas and his in Santa Cruz. One of our favorite rides
were the overnighters to Morro Bay.

Now here are some of my recollections of one of many trips to Morro
Bay. Mind you that these trips can be mixed up with each other. HA!
There was one trip that you and I rode side by side on an early Saturday
afternoon with our stock 73 Bonnies to Morro Bay via #101 from Santa

We turned off at Atascadero and then headed up the coast highway #1
to stop at a motel in town of Morro Bay for the night. We ate at one of
the well known local restaurants next to the beach that we could view
the "Rock" that stuck out of the bay or the highway at that angle where
we sat down to eat.

I thought to my self "Wow what a sight" but of course that could have
been the "high" that I was getting from the "smokes" we've been toting
at different rest stops along the highway, HUH? Anyway, we made plans
to leave early so we could stop at "Hearst Castle" to take at least one of
their tours.

But to our lack of insights we learned from one of the travel brochures at
the motel we stayed at said that there are only two levels of tours and each
takes about four hours and we must park at the lower part of the drive way
and use the shuttle bus to the castle. Hell! We can't leave our brand new
Bonnies without us, we say. HA! Needless to add further we dumped the
castle tour and went to bed.

We were taking turns watching our bikes which they were outside of our
door all night, wishing somehow bring them inside with us but can't due to
the owner walking around all night. Prior of renting of the room for the night
the owner made sure that we understood that we are not allowed to bring
the bikes in the room and to make sure that we abide his wishes he put us
across his office. Looks like he had other bikers before and still wanted the
business. Crafty wasn't he?

Looking back, It was a very well lit place and we had a security guard (free)
all night and our restlessness was uncalled for.

Morning (Sunday) came and we looked outside of our room and our Bonnies
were untouched and dew drops were dripping off the bikes. It was so foggy
that we could barely see the bikes from the room. So, we decided to sleep
some more and we needed it cuz we were dog tired from the ride the day

Late morning after the fog dispersed we headed for Big Sur on the Coast
Highway. We really made good time by racing each other and doing some
incredible stunts on the curves. Of course we probably had balls or at least
I did due the "smoke breaks" along the coast or just plain fatalism. I could
never shake you when you are behind me.

When I'm behind you then you would go a little bit slower and I would
eventually pass you on a curve to get ahead of you which you rarely do.
Then you would be like glue sticking with me no matter what outrageous
stunts I do. HA!

Well, you told me your secret, at a later time when we went with Mike.
Now that is another trip I can tell. Later, OK?

As we were getting closer to Big Sur and getting ravishingly hungry by
midafternoon and we didn't eat any thing other than twinkies at the 7-11
at Morro Bay. So we stopped at a small gas station/Cafe between Morro
Bay and Big Surand gassed our bikes ( gas prices were high).

We, being so hungry, decided to try out the cafe. As we entered the cafe
we noticed the tables were covered with the most fanciest table cloths that
the money can buy, inside was quaint but had the flair of being a dressed up
or should wear better than golf outfits. We looked at each other (??) and the
waitress was very nice andshowed us the window table.

We reluctantly sat down the skinny chairs but looked like they cost a bundle.
Now,I was facing the window and seeing the run down "two pumper gas
station" and I would think we are located at the wrong side of the tracks.
Meanwhile you were scanning the walls and pictures and had the look on
your face that we were in some high class joint. We very low on money
due to the expense of this trip.

Then I proceed to read the menu and the waitress already served us coffee
as we requested. I found out they don't serve sandwiches just dinners, the
cheapest dinner I could find was $8.99! I looked up to you and we decided
nah, this is not for us and asked for the bill for the coffee.

That was $2.00! Sambos was still serving coffee at 10 cents a cup and Dennys
was 25 cents a cup at the time. Boy did we felt small when we left. I was glad
that we were the only ones there. I bet the waitress was playing along to see
our faces when we looked into the menu. HA! HA!

We eventually stopped at a tourist trap in Big Sur and ate more junk food and
pop. We then made a banshee run to Carmel and went to one of the eateries
you knew of so well in downtown Carmel and gorged ourselves to the max.

As the day was ending and darkness of night was upon us we made a madding
dash to home passing all the lines of cars. Sometimes we would be stuck
behind all the cars that are coming from the Big Sur and Carmel to San Jose.
But we would speed by or go in between cars just so we can blow peoples

Also I wanted to get home and get some much needed rest for tmw work day.
Then make some money and start planning for the next weekend ride. Boy!
that was the only thing there was in life in those days, HUH? It was all one
big cycle then. Oh well, life goes on and things change. RIGHT!!!